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    Technical Director - $400,000/year USD - 235,537,349.15XAF JobID #3370

    Technical Director - $400,000/year USD -

    235,537,349.15XAF JobID #3370

    Nom de l’entreprise Crossover for Work Lieu de l’entreprise Yaoundé, CM

    Are you ready to turbocharge your career? Imagine a place where you are well paid, have the smartest peers, grow your skills, and can work from almost anywhere. Crossover is the future of work and a global leader in software industry talent. We are growing rapidly across nearly 50 different job positions. This listing is for our SVP of Technical Product Management position, but we have found great applicants often have a current title of Technical Director or similar, so don’t be confused about that difference, we are glad you found us. Hit “Apply” to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

    Our client Trilogy Software is expanding its team of experienced architects, technical co-founders and CTOs that are responsible for making the strategic technical decisions across their portfolio of dozens of software companies.

    Unlike most organizations that deliberately defer core product architecture decisions, Trilogy Technical Product Managers focus solely on the important technical decisions in each release. This ensures that the decisions are deliberated, documented and debated instead of accepting the default decisions that are typically made during the course of a short sprint.

    One driver of Trilogy's growth stems from acquiring a new software company every week. Part of the TPM team’s mission is to drastically simplify the technology that each of these acquisitions is built with. Our TPMs are regularly:

    • Diving deep into a product they have never seen before, learning how it works and synthesizing what they've learned.
    • Deciding how they would rearchitect the product using today's cloud-first patterns.
    • Defining new releases that leverage deep insights and the latest tech to provide meteoric improvements.

    What you will be doing:

    As an SVP of Technical Product Management you will be:

    • Producing structured technical product specs, typically focused on a different product each week.
    • Reviewing and improving specs produced by VP TPMs.
    • Approving technology developed by our engineering team.

    What you will NOT be doing:

    • You will not be permanently assigned to a single product or feature.
    • You will not be directly managing people.
    • You will not providing day-to-day direction to an engineering team.

    Key responsibilities:

    • Make clear, simple, and technically sound design decisions
    • Simplify designs that others have made complicated
    • Uphold high standards on fundamental data structures, algorithms, and architectural best practices
    • Leverage VPs of TPM as force-multipliers, coaching them by providing high-quality feedback on their work
    • Synthesize your decisions and designs into clear and structured written specs

    Candidate requirements:

    • A university degree including the study of data structures, algorithms, and computing fundamentals.
    • At least 2 years of experience writing production code in either Java or C# for a commercial software company.
    • At least 5 years of experience making important architecture and design decisions; such as data domain modeling, application of design patterns, and design using third-party components.
    • The ability to simplify complex ideas and communicate them with clear, logical thinking.

    Nice to have:

    • Experience creating simple but important messages for sales and marketing teams.
    • Experience designing for Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
    • Experience redesigning existing products on top of serverless cloud services.

    There is so much to cover for this exciting role, and space here is limited. If you found this interesting, Apply on crossover.com. After applying you will take a few online “screening” assessments to check for a basic fit, and then move on to some real-world written questions. You will also be assigned to one of our recruiting specialists who can answer questions you might have about the process, role, or company, and help you get to the final interview step. We look forward to meeting you!

    Crossover Job Code: LJ-3370-CM-Yaounde-TechnicalDirec.002


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